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    Banana Connectors

    Banana Connectors are a type of connector used in creating and testing electrical connections. They are used for joining wire to electrical test equipment or electrical circuit boards. Banana connectors are sometimes referred to as 4 mm connectors as these are a common size. Banana connectors are a popular type of connector as they are used universally and provide an easy way to create high-quality connections.

    Banana connectors feature a metal contact, such as gold-plated brass. The connector comes with a plastic housing available in a wide range of colours, such as red, black, green and yellow. We offer a variety of banana connectors such as banana plugs, banana sockets and banana couplers.

    Types of Banana Connector:

    • Banana plugs are small cylindrical plugs that have a very distinctive bulged prong. This bulge houses a spring that, when inserted into a socket, presses outwards to ensure a solid and secure connection. The plug takes its name from the shape of this prong, which reminds many people of a straightened out banana.Banana plugs are the alternative to using bare wire when connecting your speakers to your surround receiver, you can connect them with no screwdriver Banana plugs give you a permanent and high-quality connection. The term banana plug or banana jack refers to the 4mm version. The 3mm and 2mm variations are both called “mini-bananas”, but they cannot be used interchangeably. Banana plugs and jacks also come in different safety variations. You can find out more in our complete guide to banana plugs
    • Banana sockets are the female connector. A banana connector (commonly banana plug for the male, banana socket or banana jack for the female) is a single-wire (one conductor) electrical connector used for joining wires to equipment.
    • Banana couplers allow you to extend an existing wire or when you’re running a new installation, they help to join two pieces of wire. Work by connecting two banana plugs into a sleeve that connects both ends to provide a secure and high performance connection.

    Shrouded vs. Unshrouded Banana Plugs

    Banana test plugs may be shrouded, unshrounded or with a retractable. Unshrouded banana plugs are a common type. Using a shrouded banana plug is essential when working with high-voltage circuits. The shrouding provides a protective cover to prevent accidental contact.

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