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    Thermometer Accessories

    Looking for Thermometer Accessories then browse our range for high-quality accessories and choose your ideal solution. Thermometer Accessories are essential products that accompany your thermometers. Our offer including cases, holsters, probes and additional extras that keep your Thermometers safe and working to their optimum.

    Types of thermometers accessories

    1. Thermometer case

    A shockproof and durable storage case from RS is ideal for keeping your thermo components safe and organized. Your thermometer, probes, and other accessories are protected by the hard shell exterior of the thermometer case. You shouldn't let your thermometer bounce around unprotected in a drawer, because RS understands how important it is. Make sure you have a thermometer case!

    Features of a thermometer case

    • Storage pouch for small accessories
    • Reinforced zippers stitched twice
    • Dust, damage, and drops are protected at all times

    2. Smart Testo probe

    The Smart testo probe is a small measuring instrument that can be attached to your smartphone. When it comes to monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity, and flow, each of the compact measuring instruments performs a very specific measurement task. Using the testo Smart App, they are all convenient and easy to use.

    A testo probe measures the following parameters:

    Pressure: Measurement of high pressures and differential pressures without the use of hoses.

    Temperature: Surface temperature is measured with infrared, and air temperature is measured with clamp thermometers.

    Humidity: The relative humidity in relation to the temperature.

    Airflow velocity: Determination of volume flow at outlets and measurement of airflow velocity.

    Testo smart probe offers these features:

    • Useful and practical
    • Easy measurements
    • Fast evaluation
    • Professional documentation
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Professional app included

    3. Reference oil

    Calibration or adjustment of a Testo cooking oil tester is possible with the reference oil. The measuring instrument (in calibration mode) should be immersed in oil that has been heated approximately to the desired temperature. 50°C. Calibrating the measuring instrument involves comparing its display to what is printed on the reference oil bottle and noting the difference. When calibrating an instrument, the value displayed on the display is compared to the value printed on the reference oil bottle. Alternatively, you can adjust your measuring instrument accordingly.

    Features of a reference oil

    • Regularly check the accuracy of measuring instruments with the reference oil.
    • Cooking oil testers are calibrated and adjusted at a plant.
    • Calibration and adjustment are performed at plus 50C.

    4. Thermometer strips

    Temperatures are measured quickly and easily with these forehead thermometer strips. Suitable for babies and children, these adhesive thermometers are easy to use. Check this thermometer for fever signs and to monitor temperature trends. The strip will indicate body temperature when you stick it on your forehead or place it on your cheek.

    Twenty seconds after the strips are placed, the temperature will be displayed through the different colour variations they have. It is also possible to use them while sleeping and minimally disturb others. In addition, the strips are non-toxic, contain no mercury, and are very safe for personal and environmental health. Fahrenheit and Celsius are both measured.

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