Current Loop Calibrators

A loop calibrator is a special-purpose electronic test instrument, it has been designed and manufactured to perform loop testing, circuit troubleshooting and calibration on current loops. These versatile tools are capable of not only measuring current, but also sourcing current to unpowered devices in a loop, as well as simulating the operation of loop-powered transmitters.

Over the years, loop calibrators have become more and more advanced, now offering users time-saving features, large menu graphics through a digital interface and microprocessor-based electronics. You can tailor your choice of calibrator, choosing from different brands, resolutions, power supply, operating temperatures and measurements - ensuring that you have exactly what you need.

RS Components offers some of the most prestige current loop calibrators, brought to you from market-leading brands such as Fluke, Druck, Time Electronic and of course our trusted own brand RS Pro.

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Description Price Absolute Maximum Current Measurement Best Accuracy Resolution Safety Category Battery Type Battery Life Power Source Dimensions Weight Height Length Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Hazardous Area Certification
RS Stock No. 423-1630
Mfr. Part No.1048
70mA ±0.02 % 1 μA - 9V 20 h Battery 50 x 78 x 142mm 300g 142mm 50mm +50°C -10°C -
RS Stock No. 537-2580
Mfr. Part No.7006
20mA ±0.1 % - - PP3 40 h Battery 30 x 65 x 140mm 180g 140mm 30mm +50°C -5°C -
RS Stock No. 537-2603
Mfr. Part No.7007
20mA ±0.05 % - - 9V 40 h Battery 30 x 65 x 140mm 200g 140mm 30mm +50°C 0°C -