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    Road Signs

    A road traffic sign, similarly to other safety and security signs, is designed to convey a message to users, usually detailing out speed limits, constructions works or one way systems.

    What is the purpose of traffic signs?

    One of the primary functions of any traffic sign is to assign right of way to movements of traffic at any given intersection. This will be done through the sign itself, conveying a message to road users to provide an orderly movement whilst minimising conflicting flows.

    Features and benefits:

    • Varying coloured signs to convey different messages (red to signal a warning or instruction, blue for right of way or direction)
    • Portable traffic signs for quick on the spot instruction to road users
    • Increase driver awareness to their surroundings, potentially protecting them and others

    Where might I use a Road traffic sign?

    • Outside of schools
    • Private land
    • Public highways or pedestrian crossings
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