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    A key lock box or a key safe is a metal box that can be used outside or inside a dwelling or a business to keep keys in. Storage capacity can range from a single key to a small bunch of keys offering both a safe and secure storage solution to keeping your keys in whilst you are away from a property. Equally key safes boxes are ideal for keeping a spare key in. This can help prevent the occupants from locking themselves out but also allows for access should a third party be given the code in case of an emergency for example. RS offers a range of high-quality products for all your security needs. How do I install a Key Safe? Key safes are very easy to install. They are usually wall-mounted and fitted while the cover is open to conceal any mounting hardware points. A key safe is only secure if it has been fitted correctly. Once installed the key is locked in the box. To open a combination code is manually inputted, either by a push-button keypad or by turning numbered wheels in the correct order. How do I change the Lock Box code? On every key safe, you will need to set your own unique combination code which will enable you to unlock the box and retrieve your keys. These key boxes have a resettable code, which is very easy to reset and can be changed as often as you wish. For security reasons, it is a good idea to regularly change the combination code for your safety key box. Why should I use a Combination Key Safe? They are ideal for offering quick and easy access for authorized persons such as craftsmen, visitors and holiday guests to an apartment, enabling them to gain access to the property or building. They are perfect for the elderly or people who live alone. Having a key safe will enable a relative or carer to access the property. Environment and Structure Most key safes have a weather-resistant cover which makes them ideal for outdoor use and protects them from the elements of the weather. The weatherproof outdoor key safes are typically made from tough materials like steel and Die-Cast Zinc for added protection.

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