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    Pneumatic Cylinder Switches

    Pneumatic cylinder switches are used as part of the control system for pneumatic equipment. Pneumatic equipment utilises highly pressured condensed air to produce movement in mechanical devices. The devices used to switch pneumatic cylinders are reed switches These operate using a magnetic field, opening or closing when a magnet is applied, or vice versa.

    What are pneumatic cylinder switches used for?

    Though different types of pneumatic cylinder switches operate differently, they all serve the same purpose, which is to allow pneumatic cylinders to be integrated into an automated system. These switches detect the position of the cylinder and send a signal to the control system.

    Types of pneumatic cylinder switches

    There are many different types of pneumatic cylinder switch, including actuators, pneumatic relays, solid state and reed switches. Some types come with an LED (light emitting diode) indicator. The type of switch may affect the maximum operating temperature, the voltage rating, and the voltage drop, so it should be chosen according to the requirements of the equipment.

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