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    Pneumatic Counters

    Pneumatic counters are controllers used in the pneumatic industry to count and tally pulses of compressed air, which are then translated numerically and shown on a mechanical digital display. They work within specified pressure ranges and limits of frequency of the counting events.

    Types of pneumatic counters

    There are two types of pneumatic counters: totalising counters and pre-set counters. Totalising counters are the most common form of pneumatic counters, which tally each pulse of air to display the total number of pulses during a certain time frame. Pre-set counters monitor and control operational sequences and display them in numerical form.

    Totalising counters come with 4, 6 or 8-digit displays. There is also a choice of pressures, ranging from 7.5 psi to 100 psi (pounds per square inch). Some pre-set counters have an option for automatic repeat, which means the counter resets without input from the operator after a predetermined number of pulses.

    What are pneumatic counters used for?

    Totalising counters come with quick-fit connections suitable for most valve mechanisms. They are used for production counting or for the recording of flow volumes.

    Pre-set counters have both adding and subtracting functions. They are found in high-speed consumable goods industries where operational sequences like filling, capping and labelling occur.

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