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    Pneumatic Air Dryers

    Compressed air dryers, also known as pneumatic air dryers, are systems that are used to remove water vapour from compressed air. They are primarily used in pneumatic systems in industrial and commercial environments.

    When air is compressed, the level of water and contaminants is increased also. It is essential to filter water in a compressed air system to ensure that it does not damage the equipment. Air dryers are also used to prevent downtime and increase the life of equipment.

    Why are air dryers important?

    Moisture can be dangerous for many pneumatic systems because it causes the wear and corrosion of parts. This can result in an increase in energy use. At some point, the damage caused by moisture in compressed air means that components need to be replaced or repaired. Pneumatic air dryers are designed to keep moisture out of your system and to save you from downtime or the cost of machine repairs.

    Types of Air Dryer:

    • Refrigerant dryers, or refrigerated dryers, are a popular type of air dryer. Refrigerant drying works by cooling the compressed air and therefore converting any water vapour into condensation. This is a method used to separate the water and moisture from the air. This water is removed, away from the compressor. Refrigerated air dryers then heat the compressed air back to room temperature before it is released into the rest of the system.
    • Desiccant dryers, also known as adsorption dryers, use a specific material called desiccant to dry compressed air and remove the water vapour. They are a heatless-type of air dryer. Adsorption type dryers enable water to stick to the desiccant material which has a large surface area. Desiccant material does need to be dried or regenerated, however. So you will often find two towers containing desiccant which will take it in turns to dry the compressed air, while the other regenerates.
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