Digital Positive Pressure Gauges

Providing an alternative to standard analogue test gauges, our digital positive pressure gauges facilitate an economical and portable solution for a multitude of applications including pressure measurement, testing and calibration. A digital pressure gauge can sometimes be referred to as a pressure sensor or just a pressure gauge, this will depend on what the gauge is being used in conjunction with. A digital pressure gauges main purpose is to display the acting pressure in an integrated digital display. Our range of high precision, digitally positive pressure gauges are the perfect solution to use in general industrial applications, field testing and calibration.

Types of digital pressure gauges

Our range of digital pressure gauges feature pressure range readings of -mbar, -bar, bar, mbar and psi, which are all used for measuring hydraulic and pneumatic pressures. Customers can purchase calibrated versions, versions with different connection types and intrinsically safe versions.

Where can a digital pressure gauge be used?

  • Calibration service companies and service industries

  • Measurement and control laboratories

  • In the field and for easy on-site calibration

  • Quality assurance

  • Measuring differential pressure

  • Safety control

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