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    MEMS Oscillators

    MEMS Oscillators (microelectromechanical system) can also be known as silicon oscillators. MEMS combine low power consumption with accurate frequency, offering drop-in footprints to standard oscillators. MEMS offer both kHz and MHz oscillators combining wider temperature and tighter stability than conventional oscillators.

    These devices offer great resilience against vibration and shock and offer high reliability with respect to temperature variation. MEMS oscillators are also less sensitive to EMI (Electromagnetic interference) which is common in most systems. MEMS are programmed devices so offer a very broad range of frequencies

    MEMS devices consist of mechanical elements such as actuators, sensors and electronics devices on a silicon substrate

    Benefits of MEMS

    • Very low power consumption
    • Very small size
    • Easy to integrate into systems
    • Resistant to vibration shock and radiation
    • Low cost


    • Consumer applications - Appliances, sports training devices, computer peripherals
    • Automotive Industry - Airbags, Vehicle security systems, door locks, internal brake lights, rollover detection
    • Military - Tanks, Equipment for soldiers, Planes
    • Industrial - Earthquake detection, Machine health, shock and tilt sensing
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