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    Axial Fans

    Axial fans are characterised by a single-bladed impeller encased in a plastic or metal cage that operates by drawing air along the axis and propelling it forward. Axial is the most common type of non-industrial fan and is often used in the design of most floor and table fans.

    These fans are integral to various cooling systems, designed to manage the temperature of machinery during and after operation. Available in sizes typically ranging from 12 to 24 inches and with different voltage requirements, axial fans are versatile in their applications.

    Beyond just cooling electronics like CPUs, axial fans are also crucial in HVAC systems where they can either propel or intake air depending on the direction of the impeller's blades. This versatility makes them suitable for accelerating airflow in both small and large HVAC setups. RS Singapore offers a diverse selection of axial flow fans to meet the cooling and airflow needs across multiple applications, ensuring optimal temperature control in industrial machines and other settings.

    Range of Axial Flow Fans

    Propeller Fans

    Design: Feature a propeller-shaped blade with a drive motor on a flat frame, often wall or ceiling-mounted.

    Common Use: Ideal for dilution ventilation or general cooling, such as in automotive radiators or room fans.

    Tubeaxial Fans

    Design: Similar to propeller fans but enclosed within a tube, minimising clearance between the propeller and tube to enhance airflow efficiency.

    Common Use: Fits well within ductwork, typically used in applications requiring 'clean air' exhaust through roof ducts.

    Vaneaxial Fans

    Design: An advanced version of tubeaxial fans, equipped with air straightening vanes before and after the propeller to optimise airflow direction and efficiency.

    Common Use: Suited for similar clean air applications as tubeaxial fans but offers improved airflow management due to the vanes.

    Choosing the Right Cooling Fan

    If you are building a custom server cabinet, CPU, or other units with mechanical hardware that generates substantial heat, incorporating at least one cooling fan is essential.

    Choosing the right axial fan for your build depends on the availability of space, amount of heat generated, and the power supply compatibility.

    You can refine our selection of axial flow fans by size, such as 80mm fans and 60mm fans, by power consumption, such as 5v fans, 12 volt fans, and 24v fans, or by type, distinguishing between DC fans or AC fans.

    Benefits of Axial Flow Fans

    • Compact Design: Suitable for space-limited applications.
    • Efficient Airflow: Ideal for cooling systems and consistent airflow management.
    • Variable Speed Control: Adjustable speed to meet specific airflow needs.
    • Durable Construction: Made from materials like aluminium or stainless steel for harsh environments.
    • Ease of Maintenance: Simple design allows for quick troubleshooting and repairs.
    • Enhanced Lifespan: Lightweight and compact design improves component longevity.
    • Low Noise Operation: Operates quietly, suitable for noise-sensitive environments.
    • Versatile Application Use: Adaptable for a range of industrial and commercial settings.

    Application of Axial Flow Fans

    Axial fans are integral to various cooling and ventilation processes in industrial settings:

    • Process Cooling: Utilised in systems and machinery to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
    • Spot Cooling: Essential for cooling specific areas like transformers, generators, and other industrial equipment.
    • Ventilation: Improves air quality and circulation in spaces such as warehouses, factories, garages, and equipment rooms.
    • Work Area Cooling: Reduces heat in environments where high temperatures are common during operations.
    • Exhaust of Toxic Gases and Fumes: Removes harmful gases and fumes in settings such as paint spray booths, welding booths, and facilities with kilns or industrial parts washers.

    Ordering and Delivery Information

    Place your axial flow fan orders online by browsing RS’ extensive range and adding them to your basket for next-day delivery or pickup at a local branch. Alternatively, you can order by phone at +65 6865 3400.

    For a comprehensive overview of all available delivery options, please visit our delivery information page.

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