Torx Keys

Torx keys are hand tools specifically designed to tighten or loosen Torx fasteners. Designed with a hexalobular internal by Camcar Textron, Torx is a registered trademark with some of the most commonly used fasteners used for a wide variety of applications.

Why is a Torx key so special?

Torx keys have some similarities to screwdrivers in the way that they are used, however, it is the blade that is the big difference. The star-shaped blade has been specially designed to allow more contact points with the fastener and therefore offering a greater surface area of contact compared to standard screws or fixings. Because of this innovative design, it means that a greater amount of torque can be applied to the fasteners with minimal effort also greatly reduces the common issue of 'cam out', also known as rounding the fastener or fixing and therefore damaging the recess to tighten or loosen the fastener. Because of this, Torx keys and fasteners are commonly used in industries like:

  • Automotive manufacture
  • Automotive repair and maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Production and manufacturing industries
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • What type of Torx key should I use?

    Depending on your application, there are various different types of Torx keys that can be used. The most common types are:

  • L-shaped - L-key is the most common type and looks very similar to a hex key/Allen key; it's easy to use and compact.
  • T-shaped - different varieties of t-handle Torx keys are available however, the main benefit of using this type of Torx key is that a great amount of torque and leverage can be applied.
  • Straight - looks like a screwdriver and functions in the same way.
  • Torx bits are also available to be used with electric drivers for greater efficiency
  • Torx key sets are also available and can cover a variety of handle types and some common sizes
  • What sizes do Torx keys come in?

    Torx keys are measured in Torx metrics because of the design. The sizes can range from T1 to T100, however, the most common sizes are:

  • T10
  • T15
  • T20
  • T27
  • T30
  • T40
  • T45

  • ...
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    Description Price Number of Pieces Set Contents Shape Short or Long Arm Material Finish
    RS Stock No. 235-3817
    Mfr. Part No.89.15
    1 T15 L Short - Burnished
    RS Stock No. 123-0790
    Mfr. Part No.024100
    - - L Long, Short - BlackLaser
    RS Stock No. 235-4949
    Mfr. Part No.89.27
    1 T27 L Short - Burnished
    RS Stock No. 175-2387
    Mfr. Part No.024470
    9 1 x TX 10 x 112, 1 x TX 15 x 123, 1 x TX 20 x 137, 1 x TX 25 x 154, 1 x TX 27 x 172, 1 x TX 30 x 195, 1 x TX 40 x 224, 1 x TX 9 x 101, 967 SXL HF 1 x TX 8 x 90 L Long - BlackLaser
    RS Stock No. 235-3867
    Mfr. Part No.89.45
    1 T45 L Short - Burnished
    RS Stock No. 847-8004
    Mfr. Part No.2647494
    1 T15 T - Vanadium Steel Chrome, Phosphate (Tip)
    RS Stock No. 847-8010
    Mfr. Part No.DT 2143 KTX T27
    1 T27 T - Vanadium Steel Chrome, Phosphate (Tip)
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