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    Masonry Bolts & Anchors

    When you need a fixing into brick, block or concrete, you need to be confident that it will be strong enough for the application. Masonry fixings are the perfect tool for this application with a range of bolts, anchors, plugs and fixings to ensure you have a robust and reliable solution to all masonry based tasks. You can learn more about our range or products and their uses in our masonry anchors guide.

    Types of Masonry Fixings

    • Anchor Bolts - All-purpose expansion anchor for use in medium weight applications in brickwork, blockwork and hard masonry. Through fixing allows drilling through pre-positioned fixture.
    • Wall Plugs - A robust plug that fixes most light to medium weight objects to solid or cavity walls, ceilings or floors. Can be used in most masonry materials including brickwork, blockwork, concrete and stone with varying weight limitations.
    • Drop In anchors - Similar to a traditional wall plug, drop in anchors are typically made of metal rather than traditional plastic wall plugs. Drop in anchors typically provide a stronger solution in masonry and boasting a threaded internal barrel for additional reliability when threading bolts into place.
    • Eye Bolts - An excellent and versatile solution to mounting a wide range of things to masonry, eye bolts provide a hook or ring fixing point to enable the hanging of both decorative and structural objects such as outdoor heaters, signage and even hoist points for material handling.
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