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    Steam Cleaners

    Steam cleaners are extremely efficient and use steam cleaning technology to guarantee a more cleaner and hygienic environment. Steam cleaners help to remove dirt, stains, grime and grease plus they are a vital cleaning kit in removing 99.99% bacteria and sanitising hard floors, carpets, walls and ceilings. Steam cleaners can be used at home or the workplace and come with various accessories from floor and hand nozzles, brushes, locks, hoses and extensions.

    Steam cleaners from brands like Karcher and Vax use the power of steam without the need to use harsh chemicals or detergent to provide a deep and penetrating clean that removes germs and bacteria. These types of cleaners are very efficient as they save you time as no heavy scrubbing is required to achieve a truly sanitised home or working area.

    Many styles of steam cleaner are available from handheld portable steam mop styles, cylinder steam cleaners, plus larger models of steam cleaner and steam mop cleaner, excellent at cleaning and sanitising most hard floors and surfaces.

    Types of Steam Cleaner/Steam Mop

    Steam cleaners can also be known as floor steamers, steam carpet cleaners, steam mops, steam vacuum cleaners and steam sanitisers. Generally there are two types of steam cleaner:

    • Dry steam cleaners uses steam that is heated by the boiler, creating steam. The heated steam created contains less water but is boiling. The dry steam contains about 5% water.
    • Cool steam – water in cool steam is not boiled, and the steam contains more water.

    Why use a steam cleaner/steam mop?

    • A steam cleaner does not work like a pressure washer, it must have direct contact with the surface you wish to clean or sanitise.
    • Cleaning attachments protect the surface you are cleaning plus they ensure maximum cleaning of the specific area.
    • Dry steam vapour is hottest at approximately 3 inches from a surface. Steam cleaner vapour at a further distance cools and is less effective at cleaning.
    • Steam cleaners spot clean areas of a carpet.
    • Surfaces that can be damaged by heat should not be steam cleaned (unsealed hardwood floors, water-based paint, pressed paper, cardboard, silk). Ensure tiled and other porous surfaces have a sealed surface, if not, do not use a steam cleaner.
    • Ensure the water tank is full and refill as needed.
    • Steam cleaners sanitise surfaces and are environmentally friendly.
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