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    Pressure Washers

    Pressure Washers, also known as high-pressure washers and power washers, are a valuable cleaning tool for the home or for commercial applications and our range includes many valuable pressure washer accessories with top brands including Bosch, Karcher, Makita, SIP and IK Sprayers.

    Pressure Washer accessories range from trigger guns, nozzles, pressure washer lances, hose connectors, assemblies, individual high-pressure hoses, brushes and pressure washer cleaner solutions along with pressure washer cleaning kits. There is a washer accessory available for all makes and models.

    How do a Pressure Washers work?

    The principle of a pressure washer is to force water at high-pressure speed through the water hose and nozzle. The strong jet of water produced is to dislodge dirt. Most of the pressure washers allow you to add detergent to the water and that's how you will increase the cleaning power of the jet.

    Is a water supply needed for a pressure washer?

    Yes. Pressure washer requires a steady supply of water such as from a standard garden hose but does not need to be a high pressure feed.

    Advantages of Pressure Washers

    • Time saving - with the pressure washer it only takes half an hour to clean the outside of your entire house, you can clean you can within ten minutes or clean your driveway just under fifteen minutes.
    • Tough dirt - no problem! The high pressure of water makes it very easy to remove any kind of dirt such as oil stain or grease from any surface.
    • Cost effective - buying a pressure washer is only a one time investment, and you get the benefit of it for the life of the machine.
    • Easy storage - you can keep a pressure washing in your storage room or garage or shed, and it will take very little space.

    Where can you use a Pressure Washer?

    Pressure washers have various applications in domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning and are versatile and suitable for many power washer cleaning tasks including:

    • Cars, motorbikes, caravans, boats, and bicycles.
    • Patios, fences, garden walls, pathways, driveways, forecourts, house facades and windows.
    • Garden tools and machinery, outdoor garden furniture and barbecues.
    • Cleaning of animal pens and surroundings.
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