Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets are the easiest solution to store tools of every kind, selecting a suitable one mostly depends on the sturdiness, mounting and resistance to intrusive bodies and liquids they can provide. Although these are very important features of cabinets, there are other ones of paramount importance to take into account when installing one, and that's where cabinet hardware comes into play.

To guarantee the security of your tools and a smooth use of your cabinet, we offer a wide range of cabinet hardware that can meet any requirement. You can choose from a large selection of window, cylinder and digital locks as well as magnetic and pressure catches. We also stock a superb selection of staples, bolts and latches.

What types of cabinet hardware are there?

Depending on what you want to achieve, there are several types of hardware that we offer to make the most of your cabinets. When it comes to security, you might want to use devices as catches, latches and locks, which in turn are available in different shape, sizes and materials.

  • Catches - they provide closing and guarantee security by automatically catching, as the name suggest, the cabinet doors helping it staying shut. The main types are ball, magnetic and pressure catches, named after the mechanism they work on. They are normally easily concealed as they normally work independently and do not need a second device to operate on the other end.
  • Latches - differently from catches, latches are made up of two or more metallic parts that operate together to secure the door. The different parts can either slide into each other, bend or snap together and the mechanism is quite manual as compared to catches. Latches can include a knob that will manually action the opening and closing of the cabinet. The main types available are disc, paddle and toggle latches, as well as internal door and gate latches.
  • Locks -whatever type you need (euro cylinder locks, code locks or window locks, just to name some), we provide them in conjunction with a choice of lock cases, to make sure they don't get ruined when transported or kept aside.
On the other end, bolts and brackets facilitate the mounting of the cabinet.

How do you clean cabinet hardware?

One of the easiest and most efficient solution for cleaning steel and brass hardware is to wipe it with a cloth rinsed in a mixture of warm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Another known method to bring back the shine of your hardware involves wiping it with a vinegar solution, obtained by mixing distilled white vinegar with equal parts of water in a spray bottle.

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