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    Industrial Power Connectors

    For power applications in industrial environments, the RS range of Industrial Power Connectors has a connector to suit your needs. Typically supplied with excellent electrical insulation, and complying with relevant standards, these connectors are a safe and sure way to power tools and machinery at a variety of voltage requirements.

    The connectors are easy to assemble, and typically have a locking mating system that seals the connection and prevents unwanted disconnection. The RS range of industrial connectors contains cable mounted plugs and sockets, as well as wall, mounted appliance inlets.

    What are the Types of Industrial Power Connectors?

    Industrial Sockets

    Industrial sockets are specialised electrical receptacles designed to meet the demands of various industrial environments. Available in a range of amperages including 16 amp, 32 amp, 63 amp, and 125 amp, they can handle voltages from 100v to 415v. These sockets are offered in several configurations such as straight, angled, wall-mounted, and panel-mounted types. Colour options like blue, red, and yellow allow for visual coding to distinguish different uses or voltages, enhancing safety and organisation in industrial settings.

    Industrial Plugs

    Industrial plugs are robust connectors that ensure reliable power delivery in tough industrial conditions. They come in IP44 and IP67 ratings, making them resistant to moisture and dust, suitable for both splash-proof and waterproof applications. These plugs are available in single-phase and three-phase versions, with multiple pole options including 3 pins (2p+e), 4 pins (3p+e), and 5 pins (4p+e). The orientation of the earth pin varies, available in 4h or 6h positions, with voltages ranging from 110v up to 415v. Standard amperages provided include 16a, 32a, 63a, and 125a, catering to diverse industrial power needs.

    Features and Benefits of Industrial Power Connectors

    Industrial power connectors are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the industrial environment, offering a blend of performance, durability, and safety.

    These are the key features and benefits that make these connectors essential for robust and efficient operations:

    • Safety: Ensures compliance with IEC standards, enhancing the protection of both users and equipment.
    • Durability: Constructed from materials that withstand harsh conditions, prolonging the life of the product.
    • Reliability: Features high-quality contacts that minimise the risk of power interruptions, contributing to sustained productivity.
    • Cost Saving: Designed for ease of installation, reducing time and labour costs.

    Types of Industrial Power Connectors

    Industrial power connectors, often referred to as Commando plugs, IEC 60309, or CEEform plugs, are vital for ensuring reliable and safe connections in various industrial environments. For an in-depth look at why selecting the right mains plug is crucial, especially in industrial settings, read our article on choosing the appropriate mains plug for electrical appliances here.

    Here are the three most commonly used IP-rated plugs and connectors:

    IP44 Rated Plugs & Connectors

    • Protection: Offers protection against objects larger than 1mm and spraying water.
    • Usage: Ideal for mostly indoor environments, these connectors are designed for situations where there is minimal exposure to severe weather conditions.
    • Example: Typically used in settings where moderate protection is sufficient to prevent damage from minor water contact, such as light industrial and commercial applications.

    IP67 Rated Plugs & Connectors

    • Protection: Dust-tight and can be temporarily submerged in water up to a depth of 1 metre.
    • Usage: More expensive than IP44, these are recommended for outdoor use where equipment may be exposed to more severe environmental conditions.
    • Example: Suited for applications that require a secure bayonet-type interlocking connection to ensure connectivity and protection against harsh weather.

    IP66 Rated Plugs & Connectors

    • Protection: Provides protection against dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction.
    • Usage: This rating is optimal for outdoor installations where equipment must withstand powerful water jets and heavy dust exposure.
    • Example: Commonly used in industries such as construction and marine where equipment is frequently exposed to severe weather or washing processes.

    Applications of Industrial Power Connectors

    The RS range of industrial power connectors offers versatile solutions for various environments. Many models come equipped with built-in dust covers, making them ideal for high-particle settings like woodworking machines.

    Additionally, IP67 versions are available for outdoor applications such as powering machinery on construction sites.

    Ordering and Delivery Information

    Placing an order for industrial power connectors with RS is simple and convenient. To order online, browse our extensive selection and add items to your basket for next-day delivery or collection at a nearby branch. If you prefer, you can call us at +65 6865 3400 to place your order.

    For detailed information about all our delivery services, visit our delivery information page.

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