Stepper Motor Controllers & Indexers

Stepper Motor Controllers are current amplifiers that turn a low-current control signal into a higher-current signal to drive stepper motors. They run using a type of open-loop system that takes digital step and direction inputs by a programmable pulse generator known as an indexer. In other words, Indexers take a signal from a computer or any other control device and turn them into pulses. Drivers or Stepper Motor Controls take these pulses and transfer them into a current (motion, steps, torque, speed) so the stepper motor can move accordingly. A user is able to operate and control steps using an interface.

Types of stepper drivers

There are many types of stepper drivers, including PWM/chopper drivers, L/R drivers and recirculating chopper drivers. The two most common are bipolar and unipolar drivers.
Bipolar drives have a single winding with two leads per phase. The winding has a current that needs to be reversed so that magnetic poles can also be reversed in the correct order.
Unipolar drivers have one winding with a centre tap per phase. This means that the magnetic pole can be reversed without switching the direction of a current, so a single transistor can be used per each individual winding.

What are stepper drivers used for?

Stepper drivers typical applications are current amplifiers in stepper motors. However, they can also be used for any device that operates at more than 50–100 mA.

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Description Price For Motor Type Current Rating Voltage Rating Board Supply Voltage Motor Supply Voltage Overall Length Overall Width Overall Depth
RS Stock No. 896-8557
Mfr. Part No.G250 Heatsink + Screws
- - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 896-8566
Mfr. Part No.G540
Stepper Motor 3.5 A 50 V dc 18 → 50V dc 50V dc 161.8mm 60.2mm 31.75mm
RS Stock No. 126-0339
Mfr. Part No.G320X
Stepper Motor 20 A 18 to 80 V dc 5V dc - 63.5mm 63.5mm 21mm
RS Stock No. 441-0287
Mfr. Part No.PM546
Bipolar 6 A - 24 → 85V dc - 228mm 100mm 34mm
RS Stock No. 455-845
Mfr. Part No.ST5-SI
Bipolar 5 A - 24 → 48V dc - 5in 3in 1.75in
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