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    Compartment Boxes

    Are you one of those who have a garage full of small trinkets lying around?

    Are you looking for a system that combines all the storage needs of kids' craft supplies into one?

    Your office might even require an extra place for clip-ons and other stationery.  Now put your things in storage boxes and keep them out of sight.

    No matter how you like to organise your belongings, a storage box not only creates a tidy look for your belongings but also enhances your style.

    As a compartment box comes with lots of clever spaces, ranging from compact to spacious, enough to fit both small and large supplies, it is easy to keep your supplies organized such as nut and bolt sets, washers, as well as other electrical parts.

    A box can be custom-made and adjusted by removing the dividers and partitions, which makes it easy to tailor the box in accordance with your needs. Now let’s see some different types of compartment storage boxes available.

    What are the different types of storage Boxes?

    It is not always possible to solve storage challenges with the one box available on hand which is why boxes come in different shapes and sizes to meet everyone's requirements.

    There are 2 main types of storage boxes we offer, namely:

    • Flat Storage Boxes
    • Stacked Storage Boxes

    Flat Storage Boxes

    Portability is a major advantage of these boxes, which are usually made of high-quality plastic, sometimes even metal. Each container will be equipped with a hinged lid and a carrying handle.

    Lids are clear plastic making it easier for users to see what's inside without having to open the box. Organizers have individual segments that are either fixed or with removable dividers. On the outside of the box, a latch system is usually used for closing the lid, ensuring the contents are kept in place when being moved around.

    Stacked Storage Boxes

    Stacked Storage Boxes are almost like small chests that can be stacked on top of each other. A storage box like this can have just compartment trays, or it can have both trays and drawers. In many cases, they can be adjusted in height, making them more functional and providing more storage space.

    Perfect for everyday use and to keep inside the house. The boxes are also easier to stack, each box's base is designed to fit snugly into a groove that has been cut on the lid of the one below.

    Where are compartment boxes generally used?

    Compartment boxes and storage containers are super handy to have around and are extremely versatile. Due to their practicality and convenience, many professionals use these containers, such as electricians, plumbers or anyone who enjoys DIY or hobby work.

    Our compartment storage boxes are available in various materials, sizes and colours to suit your individual requirements. Browse our range of high-quality compartment boxes from leading brands including Racco, Stanley, DeWALT, Licefa and of course RS PRO.

    It is no surprise that our MADE leads the way in quality containers with compartments. Such an ample space means you have plenty of room for storing items and keeping your workspace clutter-free.

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