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    Building a better world through technology

    OKdo is a global technology company brought to you by RS Group. We are ordinary people serving an extraordinary cause, formed to disrupt the world of single-board computing (SBC), education, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    We collaborate with esteemed global partners in education and embedded technology, including AI leader NVIDIA, STEM pioneers micro:bit and Lego Education, as well as tech frontrunners like Coral by Google, Arduino, and Beaglebone. Moreover, our collaborations with influential industry pioneers and emerging start-ups – such as Arm, NXP, Intel, ASUS, Useful Sensors, and LAIIER – ensure you stay at the forefront of innovation.

    Our Mission

    We exist to provide an ecosystem that enables everyone to learn, build and invent amazing technological innovations to create a brighter future for all.

    Design. Manufacture. Scale.

    We’re more than just a hardware company, we can help you turn your concept into commercial reality through our unique combination of software, design and manufacturing services. From idea to distribution, we can help you at scale with our solutions that include:

    • Prototyping and manufacturing
    • Design, customisation and configuration
    • Marketing, packaging and go-to-market enablement
    • Assembly and kitting services
    OKdo ROCK Single Board Computers

    OKdo ROCK Single Board Computers

    OKdo ROCK is the new series of reliable and powerful single-board computers, designed in partnership with Radxa and built on trusted Rockchip processors.

    • Ensured stock availability and full supply chain control
    • Broad product range from quad-core to octa-core with various memory configurations
    • Rich option of storage options, eMMC, SSD drives and ecosystem
    • Customisation option for large volumes
    • Technical support through community & direct for professionals

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    Introducing the 'made in Europe' micro:bit

    The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that is perfect for STEM education. It is easy to use, affordable, and available in different formats. With over 6.5 million units sold since launch, the micro:bit is a proven tool for teaching students or employees about coding, electronics, and physical computing.

    The micro:bit is now manufactured in Europe by OKdo, one of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation's leading global manufacturers and distributors. This ensures that the micro:bit is of the highest quality and that it is available to schools and businesses around the world.

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    Arduino UNO R4 WiFi

    Arduino UNO R4 WiFi

    Bringing together brand-new features and higher performance, the Uno R4 is a complete game changer for makers, with more power and versatility than ever before while still maintaining compatibility with existing hardware and platforms.

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    NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

    NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

    The most powerful AI-powered developer kit for prototyping and deploying cutting-edge AI solutions for today and tomorrow. With the computing power of more than 8 Jetson AGX Xavier systems, this developer kit integrates the latest NVIDIA GPU technology with the world's most advanced deep learning software stack.

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    OKdo ROCK 4C+ Starter Kit

    OKdo ROCK 4C+ Starter Kit

    Start your ROCK 4 C+ journey with our Everything Included Kit. Perfect for anyone interested in electronics, regardless of their experience.

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    Bare Conductive

    Unleash your creativity with exciting electric paint and kits including hardware like the touch boards and software tools. Anyone can create interactive projects with Bare Conductive, whether you’re an electronics novice or a printed electronics pro.

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