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  • Manufacturer Vishay
  • Mfr. Part No. RPS0500DH1R00JB
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    Vishay RPS500DH Series BO15 Screw Termination Thick Film Power Resistor, 1Ω ±5% 500W
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Maximum Operating Temperature+125°C
Maximum Temperature Coefficient+150ppm/°C
Minimum Operating Temperature-55°C
Minimum Temperature Coefficient-150ppm/°C
Power Rating500W
TechnologyThick Film
Temperature Coefficient±150ppm/°C
Termination StyleScrew
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500W Thick film non-inductive Power resistors - RPS500DH Series

Thick film non-inductive power resistors
Use with a heatsink to achieve high power rating of 500W at 70°C
Withstands severe pulse overloads
Easy to install
Diagonal connections
Low thermal emission

Power At 70°C 500W with heatsink
Momentary Overload 1000W for 10 seconds
Resistance tollerance ±5 %
Temperature Coefficient ±150 ppm/°C
Operating Temperature -55 → +125°C
Thermal Resistance 0.11 °C/W
Limiting Element Voltage 5 kV
Dielectric Withstand Voltage 12 kV
Insulating Resistance >106 MΩ under Uins = 500 VDC
Maximum Inductance <50 nH
Length 60 mm
Width 73 mm
Height 26 mm
Weight 250 g ±10%

Non-Inductive - Panel Mount

Non-Inductive - Heatsink Mountable

Virtually non-inductive, thick film power resistors designed for direct heatsink attachment and ideal for installation where easy connection in a limited space is required.
A specially formulated cermet film is deposited onto a high purity alumina substrate and housed in a hard epoxy moulding into which the terminals are integrated.
Values of 1Ω and below have 4 terminals to permit voltage sensing; all other values have 2 terminals
Applications include circuits where low inductance, high frequencies and pulse overloads are key parameters.
Application note: derate linearly from full power at 25°C for 25 and 50W types and 70°C for 100 and 250W types to zero at 125°C. For best heat transfer it is suggested that a heat compound is applied between the alumina bottom surface and the heatsink chassis/surface.

Key Characteristics
Overload duration RCH25 RCH50 BDS100 BDS250
1 sec. 375W 750W 200W 1500W
2 sec. 300W 600W 150W 1250W
5 sec. 125W 250W 125W 1000W
10 sec. 75W 150W 100W 750W
For each degree the ambient temperature is raised above 25°C, there is a reduction by 1% of the permitted overload.
The key characteristics table is only applicable to resistors suitably mounted on a heatsink with a thermal resistance of 1°C/W for 25 and 50W ratings, 0.7°C/W for 100W and 0.28°C/W for 250W ratings.
This data is only valid when thermal grease is used and the resistor is correctly tightened by mounting screws.
Tightening Torque
RCH25 RCH50 BDS100 BDS250
0.7Nm 1Nm 2Nm 2Nm
Sfernice series RCH 5 RCH 10 RCH 25 RCH 50
L 16.6 19 28 50
W 9 11 14 15.5
H 16.4 20.6 27.5 29.4
P 10.2 12.7 18.3 33
F 11.3 14.3 18.3 39.7
T 12.5 15.9 19.8 21.4
S 5.3 5 7.7 8
ØD 2.4 2.4 3.2 3.2
  M2 M2 M3 M3
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